Great Dane puppies – Thor


Breed: Great Dane
Sex: Male
Price: $900
Age: 11 weeks
Shipping Available: YES

You have just found “The One!” Meet the most handsome boy ever, Thor . He is currently waiting for his forever loving family to make him their own today. Thor is just as playful and lovable as they come. He will be sure to be the talk of your town. Thor will be sure to come home to you up to date on his puppy vaccinations and vet visits. Don’t let this handsome baby boy slip away from you. He will be sure to make that perfect loving addition that you have been searching for. AKC Registered ,1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee, Shots Up To Date With Complete Health Papers, leash , Toys , very adaptable to new environment.

About the Great Dane Dog

Great Dane puppies, as tall as 32 inches at the shoulder, Danes tower over most other dogs and when standing on their hind legs, they’re taller than most of the people. These powerful giants are the image of elegance and balance, with the graceful and straightforward stride of born noblemen. The coat comes in several colors and patterns, perhaps the best-known being the black-and-white patchwork pattern referred to as “harlequin.”

Despite their sweet nature, Danes are alert home guardians. Just the sight of those gentle giants is typically enough to form intruders consider. But those foolish enough to mistake the breed’s friendliness for softness will meet a strong foe of true courage and spirit. Patient with kids, Danes are people pleasers who make friends easily.

Great Dane puppies care


Feed the good Dane a high-quality pet food appropriate to the dog’s age (puppy, adult, or senior). Give table scraps sparingly, if at all, especially avoiding cooked bones and foods with high-fat content. study which human foods are safe for dogs, and which aren’t . Owners must remember that the number-one killer of the breed is bloat, where the stomach distends and twists. The causes of bloat aren’t fully understood, but experts agree that multiple small meals per day and preventing vigorous exercise around mealtimes can help reduce the probabilities of it happening. Great Dane puppies are just wonderful.