Great Dane puppies for sale near me – Fiona


Breed: Great Dane
Sex: Female
Price: $850
Age: 11 weeks
Shipping Available: YES


Fiona is beautiful and fun loving! Her silly tricks will be sure to add so much happiness and joy to your life. Her wiggles and tail wags will constantly be making you smile. She’ll know just how to cheer you up when you’ve had a bad day and she’ll make the good days even better! This little sweetie will be coming home to you vet checked and up to date on her puppy vaccinations. Contact about her today, she is desperately waiting to come home with you! AKC Registered ,1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee, Shots Up To Date With Complete Health Papers, leash , Toys , very adaptable to new environment.

Great Dane puppies for sale near me

Are you looking for a great Dane puppy within your neighborhood?

Well, you are not the only one. There are many people just like yourself who prefer to buy their great Danes directly from breeders and avoid pet stores and puppy mills . That is why we exist – we enable people to find local great dane puppies for sale by connecting them with our reliable network of reputable dog breeders that ship throughout different states in the USA and around the world.

We have helped numerous individuals such as yourself get in touch with professional, licensed and caring individual hobbyists and mass breeders that raise healthy litters. We guarantee that every breeder on our website has provided us with all necessary documentation which proves their legal license status, certification of health (including proof of a clear health record for all dogs that they breed), and other similar documents which prove their legitimacy.

Our directory is very diverse

We list only the most reputable great Dane breeders within the USA and Canada . There are many reasons why people prefer to buy their Danes through them instead of pet stores or puppy mills.

For one thing, you will be able to visit the location where your puppy was born and raised so you can see how healthy he truly is! You will also be able to ensure that your dog has gone through all necessary checks (vaccinations included) before he comes home with you. Furthermore, there are also numerous advantages that come along with buying an already grown-up Dane instead of a puppy. For instance, you will be able to ensure that your new friend gets along well with all your other pets such as cats and dogs before taking him home.

You need not worry at all if you don’t know where to begin – we have already done all the research for you and compiled extensive information about how to go around locating and purchasing a Dane. It is our mission to provide all prospective dog owners with reliable information that they can use in order to make the best decision when buying a new family member!

In the following paragraphs, we will talk about why people prefer buying grown-up Danes from breeders and what makes this option more appealing than going to a pet store or purchasing a puppy online through websites such as Craigslist. We will also cover important aspects of owning an adult great dane dog such as their feeding needs and exercise requirements. Most importantly, we will help you out by providing professional advice on where and how to find your perfect match!

The Benefits Of Buying A Grown Great Dane From A Breeder Near Your Neighborhood

There are many benefits associated with purchasing a grown-up Dane from a nearby breeder as opposed to going through with any other choice. Let’s talk about some of those benefits in more detail.

•          A local breeder will make sure that you are fully aware of your dog’s personality quirks and strengths . They will also teach you everything you need to know about how to be an owner of such a specific breed and care for them properly. A reputable breeder will not just hand over their adult Danes to anyone, even if they can afford the purchase price. You must prove that you really deserve one! Once they see that you have understood all essential information and believe that you will provide great care for your new friend they will give you their contact details and let you meet them in person.

•          Your local breeder will be able to give you a detailed history of your dog’s lineage . It might not seem like it’s such a big deal, but knowing where your Dane comes from and how he was raised is crucial when it comes to understanding his needs and preferences! Our experts recommend that you ask all potential breeders for their entire history so you can compare which option sounds more appealing to you. Before making any decision about the puppy you would like to purchase we encourage you to talk to several breeders and ask them plenty of questions regarding their services, prices and personalities! Not all breeders are alike and some of them might be better others – always ensure that they provide exceptional care for their dogs and that they are professional in all aspects of the business.

•          A breeder will make sure that your Dane is correctly vaccinated before he comes home with you . If you purchase a pet from a respectable breeder, there is no risk of diseases or infections whatsoever! Also, it’s important to know that all grown-up Danes have been raised in clean living conditions where they have never had any exposure to illness nor contagious outbreaks. Once again, this has to do with the professionalism of the breeder so it’s essential to visit potential options in person! We recommend staying away from breeders who are not able show you where their dogs live before allowing you to take them home – be careful not to fall into any scams.

•          The price of a grown-up dog is usually lower than that of a puppy . In addition, you might be able to get a great Dane from a local breeder at a discounted rate sometimes! This way you will save some money and can afford even more accessories for your new best friend! It goes without saying that not all breeders offer such discount options but if they do it’s in your best interest to take advantage of this unique chance.

We hope that by now you have already come to the conclusion that buying an adult dog from a reputable breeder is definitely the right choice in terms of care and companionship! As mentioned earlier, we will provide guidance on how to find the perfect breeder for you.

We Can Assist With Your Search For The Perfect Great Dane!

Our experts encourage you to contact us before setting out on your search. We will be more than happy to provide professional advice on where and how to find the perfect breeder! After all, finding a responsible breeder is no easy task – it can take months or even years of researching! On top of that, it’s tough to distinguish between good breeders and bad ones so we are here to give you some hints on what to pay attention to when choosing your favorite pup’s new family.

It All Starts With Researching The Breed And Locating A Breeder Near You

Searching for a great Dane locally might sound like an impossible mission at first, but once you learn where to look it becomes an easy task! If you are interested in getting a pet then we advise that you try looking for ads on social media sites or search your local classifieds.

Starting with the basics, let us tell you about the personality of this breed! Great Danes are one of the most loyal breeds out there – they will stay by your side throughout all life stages without any hesitation! These big dogs are also very affectionate and loving so if you treat them well they will be more than willing to play with you or accompany you wherever you go.

Lastly, these gentle giants love children and other pets – they are always up for new adventures and discovering new things! If properly trained from an early age, they will become an obedient and caring breed that can easily adapt to new surroundings and situations.

So Where Do You Find A Great Dane Near Me?

As briefly mentioned in the previous section, we encourage you to contact us before starting your search for a local breeder! We specialize in great Danes and we know how difficult it is to find such perfect pups so we are here to help you with all matters related to finding your next best friend. Trust us when we say that together we will find the perfect pup for you! As professional breeders, our main concern is providing exceptional care for all of our dogs – this means socializing them and giving them plenty of love until they reach their new homes!


Great Dane puppies for sale near me, the Great Dane features a shoulder height range between 72-80 cm (28-31 in) and weighs a minimum of 50 kg (110 lbs), the maximum amount as a dozen Toy Poodles! Some weigh up to 90 kg [200 lbs]. the good Dane may be a giant, powerful dog, but with great elegance and nobility. it’s an extend head with a deep muzzle, pronounce stop (the point at which the muzzle meets the forehead), round eyes, and a scissors bite. the good Dane features a long, powerful neck, straight muscular forelegs, flat back, and high-set, low carried tail.


The Great Dane features a short, furthermore smooth coat. Recognize show colors are fawn (gold with a black mask, possible black ears, and tail tip), brindle (gold with a black stripe pattern), blue , glossy black, ‘Harlequin’ (white with black patches), and ‘Mantle’ or ‘Boston’ (black with a white muzzle, chest, and tail tip). White and blue merle Great Danes occur but aren’t accept by most standards.

Great Danes are affectionate however, calm, loyal, and intelligent. they are doing not bark much but make great watchdogs. the good Dane’s ‘gentle giant’ nickname is well earned by its loving, quiet persona. Some Great Danes may drool. Great Dane puppies for sale near me, they are super cute.